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Bikes 2 NV is by appointment only, or come see us at any bike night 
or bike show we attend.

Why Choose Us

Reasons to Choose Us

Superior Products and Customer Service

Locally owned and family operated for 22 years, Bikes 2 NV features many benefits that make the process simpler for you. Our customer service is second to none, and our technicians are highly trained. We only use high-end, quality products and feature a 5-year warranty with an optional lifetime warranty on Harley Davidson chrome wheels
Motorcycle Rim

Easy Ordering

Our number is 614-751-8888. Call us at this number and we'll reserve a set for you (with deposit). Wheels should be packed carefully so that they aren’t damaged in shipping.

Quality Control

To maintain our quality control, we require that your exchange wheels are received first. We inspect the wheels to ensure they're not bent or damaged in any way. Damaged wheels are never accepted in our exchange program. This is a part of the steps we take to make sure you get the best wheels — no garbage in, no garbage out!

Chrome Your Wheels

If you require or prefer to have your wheels chromed, no problem! We will engrave your name, our name, and the work order number that will identify every wheel. This way you'll know that the wheels that you sent in are the same ones you will get back with the premium chrome on them.

Same-Day Turnaround

Your exchange wheels will be shipped out to you the same day we receive your wheels - if we have yours in stock (excluding Saturdays). This helps to limit downtime for you.


We feature special boxing and packing that protects your new premium chrome wheels. All wheels are shipped using UPS with a tracking number so that you know where your wheels are and when you can expect the delivery. If you need special shipping - such as overnight or second day - contact us for pricing.

Pick Up

You can pick up your new chrome wheels by appointment — in Columbus, OH or at any Bike Night or Bike Show we attend.


Bring in your wheels that are loaded with tires, rotors, bearing, cush drive, or pulley. We'll dismount and mount tires using our touchless tire changer. Your tires will then be balanced on our computerized spin balancer.

All manufacturers will recommend replacing your bearings. We stock most bearings if you need them.

Our warranty covers the chrome but not the bearings or the wheel itself. We use Locktite on rotor bolts and pulley bolts so that you can put them on as soon as you get them. We can do this while you wait with an appointment (takes about 2 hours).
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