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Wheel Exchange

Convenient Chrome Wheel Exchange

Motorcycle Chrome Wheel Exchange

With over 600 wheels in stock and adding more every day, Bikes 2 NV is the USA's largest chrome wheel and exchange dealer. We offer you the best quality 7-layer premium show chrome that includes a 5-year warranty — the best warranty in the industry. (optional lifetime)

Many chrome wheels for motorcycles are made with cheaper 3-layer chrome. Chrome shops do this to keep profits high, but the quality is low. This is evident if you've seen a chrome wheel with the chrome flaking off or copper showing in the corners. Always compare their warranty to ours. There are cheaper shops out there, but they are cheaper for a reason; you get what you pay for.

We have been in the chrome wheel exchange business since 1995. We offer the best quality product available. This might cut into our profit margin, but a satisfied customer is worth everything.

We have exchange wheels in stock for most Harley Davidson, sports bikes and cruisers.

Our expertise in chrome wheels extends to swing arms, and all the small pieces to complete the look of your motorcycle.

Requirements for Wheel Exchange

To qualify for the wheel exchange program, there are a few simple requirements. Most importantly, your wheels must be clean, straight and damage free. We're strict on our trade-in wheels to keep our quality standards the highest in the business. This is how we guarantee that you receive the best possible finished product.

After we've received your wheels, they'll be checked for damage and placed on a spin balancer to check if they're straight. If they meet our standards, your wheels (if in stock) will be shipped out to you the same day.

Please take off your rotors and remove your tires. For an additional fee, we can pull and swap your bearings for you. We offer new bearings, chrome valve stems, spacers and dynabeads so there are no weights showing on your new chrome wheels.

If your wheels are already chromed, we'll only re-chrome your wheels. They will not be accepted for exchange.
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