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Custom Seats

Custom Seats

Ride in Comfort and Style With Custom Seats

Our motto at Bikes 2 NV is "We've got your ass covered." That echoes in all that we do, including our custom seat service. 

On the mild side, we offer custom gel inserts. Visco-elastic gel pads make riding more comfortable for any seat on any model. Gel pads eliminate vibrations and prevent your butt from hurting while riding. Gel pads distribute weight evenly to absorb and eliminate pressure at your hips and tailbone and add hours to your riding time without pain. 

If your bike is too tall, we can lower your seat by removing a portion of your factory seat and replacing it with a lower profile gel insert. Your seat can also be narrowed slightly, enabling you to get your legs under you more.

Exotic Animal Hides

If you want wild, go for our exotic animal hides. From a rugged alligator look to the sinister black cobra, make a statement with exotic hides. We strive for the best at Bikes 2 NV. Real animal hides are beautiful, but they don't make the best seat coverings. Alligator hides are armor plated with many hard, bony spikes — not necessarily what you want to sit on for hours. We feature quality embossed Italian and marine-grade vinyls in many exotic prints. 

These vinyls offer many advantages over real animal skin. They're waterproof and UV resistant. Unlike genuine hides, they won't swell, stretch, or discolor when exposed to water. They won't bleach-out, shrink, or dry rot.

The seat is one of the most critical components of your motorcycle. Our seats are so comfortable you won't want to stop riding and they look so good that you'll want to ride standing up.
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