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Chrome Warranty

Chrome Warranty

Chrome Wheel Warranty

Bikes 2 NV warrants, at our discretion, to the original owner, the chrome-plated finish of one-piece aluminum wheels for a period of 3, or 5 years from the original purchase date. If that's not long enough, ask about our LIFETIME WARRANTY. Plated wheels are intended for show purposes only. Warranty repair does not cover the cost of removal / installation, labor, or shipping costs. Bikes2NV reserves the right to determine whether a wheel has been misused or abused. Products returned for warranty consideration will be rejected for, but not limited to, the following reasons: damage caused by improper installation, neglect, use of harsh (abrasive, acidic, or lye based) cleaners, use of tire sealing agents, accidents, curb damage, or abnormal use.
Chrome Wheels

Re-Chroming Policy

Chrome plating is not designed to be easily removed from a base material. Our chrome is tough and resilient, but the long-term health of your finished product is largely influenced by the quality of the base metal being plated. Aluminum alloy wheels are a softer material than the metals plated on them, and corrosion will attack the softer metal first. Also, a concern is any possible corrosion or pitting damage that was not apparent prior to the removal of the plating. Some damage may not be visible from the outside. Re-chroming is done on a best-effort basis.

Proper Chrome Care

You've invested a lot in products of the highest quality and craftsmanship, and you want to keep them looking that way. Chrome and custom wheels require care in order to maintain their appearance. We suggest you take steps to protect your investment.

Regular Cleaning

Road soil traps moisture that will cause corrosion over time. Brake dust from your motorcycle's braking system is also corrosive and can cause pitting to the finish on your wheels. These corrosive materials need to be removed regularly, preferably weekly, depending on your riding habits.

Chrome wheels should be cleaned according to the manufacturer's recommendations. We suggest that you wash them once a week and wax them with a quality carnauba wax once a month.

Use Proper Cleaning Agents

A mild dishwashing soap is recommended to clean your wheels. The finish of your wheels should be treated the same as the finish of your motorcycle. Most household cleaning products are too harsh to use on your wheels and should be avoided. There are many wheel cleaners that are commercially available, but we urge caution regarding their use as they can be acid or lye based.

It's better to clean your wheels after they've cooled, if possible. Riding will heat your wheels, sometimes to extreme ranges. While normal, it's best to take precautions. Cold water placed on a super-heated wheel will ultimately cause scarring and / or pitting to the finish.

Additional Suggestions

Never clean your wheels using scouring pads or dense metal polishes to prevent scratching their finish. If you wash your motorcycle at a car wash, don't use the steam cleaner or strong chemicals that are used on the wheel cleaner settings to clean your wheels — they can cause permanent staining or corrosion. 

Brushes or "scotch-brite" pads should never be used to clean wheels or tires. These abrasive materials must never come in contact with the wheels as they will damage their appearance permanently.
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